St Buryan Church

St Buryan TR19 6BA 



Prebendal Stalls

The only relic of the Deanery days are the four prebendal stalls inside the screen and the patronage of all three Parishes which remains in the hands of the Duke of Cornwall, to whom it was granted by Charter, dated 17th March 1336, by Edward III, 'to remain to the same Duchy for ever so that from the same Duchy they may at no time be in anywise separated.'

The stalls, two on either side of the centre aisle were said to be for the Dean; the prebendary of Respernell; the prebendary of Trithing; and for the holder of the Prebenda Parva. Each stall had a moveable seat which when turned up revealed a rounded ledge which served as an occasional rest for the occupant. Only one of these seats will still lift.


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