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Street Pastors
Michelle and Cecil our Street Pastors were out with the team in Penzance last Saturday night. We spoke to many who we had seen out before and are grateful that we are there for them. The night was generally peaceful. If anyone is interested in this form of witness please speak to Cecil 07910432078

Celtic M Prayer
Thank you to Michelle and Mary for a super evening last week at Escalls for the Celtic Quarterly prayer. A wonderful space to stop and be held in the beautiful rhythms of the patterns of Celtic prayer.

Sound System & Bats
Thank you to Caroline Amos for organising and caretaking the new Sound System installation in St Buryan, to Ian Groves for facilitating the Bat Survey too. Working together at its best!

Welcome Back
for a fleeting visit to St Levan Tim and Ruth Cooke, lovely to have you with us if only for a short weekend.

Messy Church 
has a busy few days coming with a Messy Table at the Rally in St Buryan on 28th July, at Sennen Cove RNLI on 29th July and Sennen Farmer's Market on 7th August. If you would like to help out at these small Messy Events please contact Vanda.

Horticultural Show
Well done to all who were part of the Horticultural Show this weekend. A very special event with lots of talent on show!

Cake and Communion 
Thank you to Janet for arranging our use of the Garden Room, Keri for organising the refreshments and to those who attended and gave lifts to others too. It was a lovely time to worship together in the cool breeze from the open door, and with the lovely noise of the fete in the background. Thank you all.

Confirmation Group
Thank you Michelle for leading a fascinating session on the Celtic Saints and worship. A really interesting and thought provoking session. The next Confirmation group is not until September now. Have a super break everyone!

Baptism Thanks
Thank you to Wendy, Keri and Keith for your help with the deliciously gorgeous baby Ted’s baptism on Sunday in St Buryan, what a delight and pleasure to have this new member of God’s family splashing away in the font with such joy! Thank you – and may we all have such joy in our faith!

Celebration of the Sea
A Huge Thank You to Lynn for organising the wonderful celebration of the sea service in St Levan. It was a very moving evening when we gathered to remember all that aspects of life at sea, in the sea and through the sea! Wonderful.

Greater Chapter
Thank you to Dean Roger Bush for a very interesting evening at St Buryan, and to Keri and Keith for organising the refreshments. It was a good chance to reflect on how we mark Remembrance Tide each year, but especially this year on the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1.

Does anyone have a 4ft, weighted keyboard, that could be used for services outside of the church building, i.e.  in the Communion and Cake service, or similar. It could be kept in the church, and our organist, Mary King, could just pick it up on her way to the event. If she, and others, have access to one it would make more things possible. Mary’s accordion is not always suitable.  Vanda wants to expand outside the church building, so if you anyone can help please talk to Vanda or Mary King.

School Holidays
Please remember in your prayers the pupils and staff in our schools as they reach the end of the term. And remember the families who have the delight and challenge of 6 weeks of holidays ahead!

Sea Sunday
Sennen are celebrating with the RNLI Sennen Cove Flag day on 29th July at 11am. Come and give thanks for all whose work and leisure are tied up with the sea!

St Buryan Churchyard
We are very grateful to the few volunteers who help to cut the grass in the Churchyard. We would love to have more volunteers if you know of anyone who might be willing to help. Please contact Vanda or one of the churchwardens if you can offer help. Caroline Amos.

Street Food Project
As the weather gets hotter the Street Food Project in Penzance would like to have some sunscreen, wet wipes and baseball hats for those without the things they need to stay safe in the hot weather. Also tooth bushes and paste, deodorant - roll on only please. If you are able to give these small things to make their lives better, pleease contact Vanda

please pray for all those considering baptism..

Weddings & Blessings
please pray for Donna & Daniel on Saturday 21st July in Marlborough; Dom & Louise on Saturday 28th July in St Levan church;

We are well into the Confirmation course now and I commend to your prayers George, Sarah, Grace, Connie, Keith and Tegan in their exploring and learning. The confirmation is Saturday 24th November at Truro Cathedral 6pm service, (rehearsal 4pm) all welcome to attend.

Quarterly Charities
Being supported until 30th September are  ‘Turn to Starboard’ (Box at St Levan); Motor Neurone Disease Association (Coffee Money at St Buryan); Little Harbour (Loose Change Box at Sennen).


Ringing Remembers
1,400 bell ringers died during the First World War. Honour their memory by becoming one of 1,400 new bell ringers this year and ringing on the centenary of the Armistice on 11 November 2018. Find out how by contacting St Buryan tower captain Chris Venn (
07802 427968 or email Our Two new ringers at St Buryan, Sam and her daughter, are featured on the Ringing Remembers facebook page, along with Tower Captain, Chris Venn.

Bell Ringing Practice
most Friday nights, at 7:30pm in St Buryan church.  For further information call Chris Venn on 07802 427968 or email or Miranda on 01736 811182.

Remembrance Centenary
Please put Sunday 11th November, the Centenary of the Armistice, in your diary. In addition to the normal half muffled bell ringing in the morning, we need every possible ringer to be available to help ring in every single church at 7.05pm. Lapsed ringers very welcome. Others taking part may want to use their involvement as a personal tribute to those who left families, homes and sweethearts and died during dreadful conditions during the four years of War.


Battle’s Over
You may not be aware of ALL the activities planned for “Battle’s Over: A Nation’s Tribute” but the 'Guide To Taking Part' is full of  information and can be found at  This link takes you straight to the “Battle’s Over” website, which is lively and interesting. You will then get further information over the coming months.


Lottery Support for St Buryan Church
St Buryan parish church is delighted to announce it has been awarded initial support* by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for National Lottery funding towards the cost of urgent tower repairs.

Thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, a development grant of £16,000 has been awarded to enable the church to develop detailed plans for the work needed for the project. The parish church will need to add a further £3,000 approximately to complete this first phase of work.

The parish church will then apply for a full grant from HLF of £170,000, a major step towards the approximately £220,000 needed for the full works.

Rev’d Canon Vanda Perrett said: “This is really good news for us, and we are thankful that the National Lottery has supported us in this early stage. We shall have to work hard and continue to raise funds for the tower works, while we work through the “round two” application for 2018. The initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund is a strong endorsement of the work we need to do to make St Buryan Church Tower safe and sustainable for future generations, and we take heart from their support and encouragement.”

Parish  Consultation for HLF
St Buryan PCC would like your views as to how we might better use our building for all to share in its heritage. Please send suggestions or comments to Canon Vanda or post your comments in the post box in the church porch. More details on our website

Safeguarding Policy
The Diocese of Truro Safeguarding Policy is contained in a handbook entitled Responsible Caring. A link is available on the Diocesan website homepage and paper copies are held by Canon Vanda and our Lead Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Caroline Gill at St Buryan. Named Contact Persons at St Levan are Bridget Hugh Jones and at Sennen, Matt Mulloy. If you have any concerns relating to Safeguarding or if you wish to see the handbook, please contact any one of the above.’ 

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