Church Memorials

Only one coffin slab of early date remains; it is now mounted, out of place, on the wall inside the north east corner of the church.  There is no date on the stone, but the floriated cross and inscription in Norman French are of 13th century style.  Hals, in his 'Parochial History' tells us that in about 1665 the sexton of this parish, while sinking a grave four feet deep in the churchyard, met with this large flat stone which he lifted out of the ground. The inscription reads:

+Clarice la femme Cheffrei de Bolleit git ici:
Dev de lalme eit merce:
ke pvr pvnt di lor de pardyn avervnd

+Clarice the wife of Geoffrey de Bolleit lies here:
God on her soul have mercy:
who pray for her soul shall have ten days pardon




On the west wall of the church, inside near the font, is a very fine example in slate of 17th century work.  It was erected to the Memory in 1671 of Arthur Levelis who was the last of a long line to hold the estate of Trewoof in this parish.  The inscription reads:

This worthy family hath flourished here
Since William's conquest full six hundred year
And longer such it might, but that the blest
Must spend their seavenths in a blessed rest
But yet this gentleman last of his name
Hath by his virtues eternized the same
Much more than children could or bookes for love
Records it here in hearts, in life above.


Between 1914 and 1918 the oak tower screen was put up in memory of Private Geoffrey Coles killed in action in 1915.

The tower arch was screened in 1990 and a room provided in the tower in memory of a much loved rector, Fr Cecil Vaughan Lawson.