Benefice Prayer Diary



Seven Whole Days,

Not One in Seven,

I will Praise You



The Lands End Benefice is comprised of
The Parishes of St Buryan, St Levan and Sennen.


We ask that each day in the month you pause and pray for the places or people named in our diary, so that we can support one another through our prayer together. Of course, you will also want to pray for other folk and places that are in your heart. Let us pray together, worship and study together, that we may grow ever closer to God.

1st       St Buryan
2nd      Churchwardens
3rd       St Levan and St Levan Friends
4th       HM Forces, UN and Peace Keeping Forces
5th       Sennen
6th       Parish Councils
7th       Village Halls, Community Spaces and Public Houses
8th       RNLI and Coastguards, and all Emergency Services
9th       Pre-School groups, Primary and Secondary Schools
10th     Council Workers and Parish Councillors
11th     Parochial Church Councils (PCC’s)
12th     Baptism and Wedding Ministry of the churches
13th     Mission
14th     Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists
15th     Muscians and Scientists
16th     The Bereaved, and Hospice and Respite Homes
17th     Carers and Day Centre, Residential Homes
18th     Tourism Industry
19th     Ecumenical friends and colleagues
20th     Artists, Craftspeople, Authors and Poets
21st     All Ministers, Lay and Ordained in the Team
22nd    Those who struggle financially, and debt collectors
23rd     Farmers, Fishermen and all who work on the land and sea or with animals
24th     Parliament and Judicial System
25th     Those struggling with addiction
26th      Archdeacons and Bishops
27th     Those struggling with isolation
28th     Charities supported by the Benefice churches
29th     Homeless and Dispossessed
30th     Animal Protection Agencies
31st     Truro Cathedral

Generous God, for all that sustains us; air to breath, warmth and light, food to eat, water to drink, we offer our thanks and praise. For spiritual gifts that bind us together; one people, one body empowered for service, we offer our hands and voices. For the Good News of the Gospel; healing and wholeness, freedom and justice, we offer our hearts in service. Amen.