Knitted Nativity

Just before summer Vanda requested a knitter or two  to make a Nativity set to be used for Messy church. I asked just casually had anyone taken up the challenge? The answer was, No!  A couple of days later I found two bags of wool hanging on my door knob!! During the next few months a few of us have been knitting away and at last they are completed!. Many thanks to Sheila, Shirley, Penny ,Penelope, Alison and Jo & Holly for the knitting and the sewing up! We hope the toys will bring great pleasure to all who use them. Wendy.

A real labour of love and commitment was made by a large number of folk to complete my only just started knitted nativity so that we could use this for the Messy Church and in school collective worship. The final result after much hard work, not in the least in the making up of the figures, is amazing. The knitted Nativity is a really lovely addition for our worship outside of the church building, and it is very very lovely to look at and to hold. THANK YOU for all of you who Wendy managed to persuade to do the work. It is remarkable and I am very grateful. Vanda