HLF Parish Consultation

We want your views on how you would like to see your parish church used:

Apart from the wealth of various services and events – all of which can be seen on our website www.stburyanchurch.org we have some suggestions as to how we might better use our building for all to share in the heritage of this fine medieval church.

Below are some of our plans and ideas for moving forward with this aim:


  • If the first floor Lawson Room becomes usable again – this is dependent on damp proofing the tower – then this room could be available for many purposes.  If you feel you could add to the list, please feed back to us.
  1. Available for use by community groups/meetings
  2. Craft groups/crèche/youth group meetings
  3. Exhibitions and displays – eg displays of local celebrities including Dorrien Smith
  • A Welcome Area at the back of the church which would have a clear floor area with space for children, exhibitions and displays detailing the heritage of the church and area, and the part the church has played over the centuries.  Church merchandise and publications can be situated here also.  It would be an informal welcoming area for small gatherings or just a restful corner.
  • We should like to consider a virtual tour of the church – a video with the script based on the latest guide books. This could be accessed via our website above.
  • A Smartphone tour app usable by people who find reading print problematic. This would also outline the history, architecture and use of the building based on recent publications.
  • A fully accessible guide book with particular appeal to young people.

All the above are possibilities and we should welcome feedback and comments and any suggestions of contacts and sources of advice which we may not have considered.

You may send any suggestions or comments via the website above or direct to:


Alternatively you can post your comments in the post box inside the church porch.