Truro Diocesan Budget

Where does it come from?

Truro Diocese receives £3 million from the Mission and Ministry Fund and £2 million from other sources.  Its expenditure is £6 million per annum. The diocese in 2014 therefore had a shortfall of £1 million, this has been the case for a number of years. The increase of Mission and Ministry Fund of 28% each year should cover the shortfall.












Where does the Truro diocesan budget go?

The diocese spends £6 million each year. But only half this, £3 million, comes from the Mission and Ministry Fund paid by the parishes. This year it will be £4 million. 

The diocese spending covers the cost of the clergy, the pensions of the retired clergy, the upkeep of the clergy houses, the support and training of new Clergy, Readers, Lay Worship Leaders and Pastoral Visitors, plus the on-going training needs of our active Clergy and Readers who although retired continue to minister.











Where is the Truro diocesan budget spent?
Church House is the administrative centre of the diocese and manages the legal parts of church life, including training, Child Protection, appointments.

The bishops stipend, as well as the cost of the cathedral and their staff are not paid for out of the diocese fund but by the Church Commissioners. The bishops’ expenses are also claimed nationally.


Our church supports the diocese but has its own responsibilities
The church also generates income for charitable giving, so that it can respond to need and crises in society, locally and internationally. It also exercises a ministry to the sick, the bereaved, the lonely, the young and the vulnerable.

It isn't just about keeping a building going  and staffing it, but about doing what is necessary to keep our parish church alive and vibrant so that it can serve as a beacon of God's love, a power-house of prayer and worship and a place of fellowship for service in the community and the world.