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Oval: Living for Christ at the heart of our community and enriching lives through fellowship and the love of God, with the courage to do His work and speak His word.


                        St Buryan

             Keep our church alive






Our Church
St Buryan Church seeks to make visible the message of God’s love for each person.

Giving supports  our beautiful building – a sacred place, dedicated to worship, prayer and witness. It also maintains the churchyard where people find great peace and beauty, and where generations of local people are remembered.

Giving supports our parish ministry –  Feast, Christingle, celebrating baptisms, marriages, confirmations, providing support and care during crisis of life and daily prayer for the communities.

Giving supports community spirit – regular worshippers are often amongst the most active participants in community life as a witness to their Christian faith.

Giving supports the work with our local schools, school assemblies and Messy Church and Youth Group

Giving supports our parish clergy – both here and the wider family of the church. It helps train people who are being called to be ministers so that the life of the church can go on.


The Challenge ahead

In 2015 the annual cost of ministry and mission and maintaining our parish church was:

Payment of Diocesan Mission and Ministry Fund    £20,200
This goes towards the cost of parish ministry (pay, pensions and housing for clergy, the training of clergy, Lay Ministers and Lay Pastoral Assistants; diocesan central resources for parishes).

Parish running costs                                                       £12,500
(includes insurance and electricity and church maintenance)

Total annual costs:                                                        £32,700

  • Our estimated annual income from planned giving, service collections, parish fees, magazine and fund raising is £27,600

  • We need an additional £5,100 per year if we are to meet our current level of activity, let alone consider new projects.

  • Each month we need to raise a minimum of £425 Please can YOU help?


How YOU can help

Please take time to read this information and reflect on what you can afford. Any contribution large or small is gratefully received. Our individual circumstances differ, some of us work; others live on a pension.  Levels of earning and pension are widely different. Additional responsibilities such as children at university or caring for an elderly relative affect our financial circumstances. Some of us are ‘asset rich’ but ‘cash poor’. No one can tell us how much we should give.

Gift Aid - a gift from HMRC!
If you pay tax, HMRC will add a tax refund of 25% to your Gift. This Tax Refund costs you nothing, providing you pay as much Tax as the Church claims back. Please tick the Gift Aid box on your Gift to make this possible.  That is all you have to do!

Further information is always available from our Giving Secretary, Ian Groves, c/o The Rectory, Rectory Rd. St Buryan TR19 6BB.


God rejoices when we G.R.O.W.Thank you





Come and join us at one of our services, everyone is very welcome and after most services there is time to have a drink and talk to friends and neighbours.

1st  Sunday of the month: 10am Sung Eucharist
2nd Sunday of the month: 10am Sung Eucharist
3rd Sunday of the month: 10am Family Eucharist; and 6pm Choral Evensong
4th Sunday of the month: 10am Sung Eucharist
5th Sunday of the month  10am Family Eucharist
Every Tuesday  10am Said Eucharist


Contact Information:
Rector Revd Canon Vanda Perrett                     
01736 810216

Caroline Amos 810051; Paddy Hersant 810627;

Treasurer : Ian Groves  810619
PCC Secretary: Marian Prowse

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