Letter of Introduction

Keeping the church alive!

St Buryan Parochial Church Council

Giving Secretary:  Ian Groves
c/o The Rectory, Rectory Rd. St Buryan. TR19 6BB


Dear Parishioners,

For many centuries, the people of St Buryan have gathered in our lovely parish church, not just on Sundays, but to celebrate Feast, Christmas, Easter, Harvest and to mark the important events in family lives; baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Because St Buryan Church has always been there for us all, it is easy to take it for granted and lose sight of how it is maintained and run in order to serve the community,  as and when needed. We know that many of you support the church in a variety of ways, for example: the artwork of the  kneelers, bell ringing, caring for the church yard and supporting fund raising events. We are very grateful.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is extremely grateful to the many supporters from St Buryan who contribute towards maintaining  and enhancing the Grade One listed church building. However, there are other costs that need to be met in order to keep the Church’s presence in St Buryan. We would like to make you aware of the increasing financial problems that our Church is facing and how you, as parishioners, can help to ensure that the Church will continue to serve the community.

Our Church’s major costs are threefold.
Firstly, there are the day-to-day running costs, which include insurance, heating, light, maintenance services, churchyard and minor repairs; these amount to just over £12,000 a year.

Secondly, as a parish we are responsible for contributing annually to a share of the expenses of the Diocese (pay, pensions, housing for clergy and training for licensed ministers), which enable us to have a priest and team of other ordained and lay ministers; this costs almost £21,000 a year. The amount of money received minus our annual costs leave us with a deficit on average of £5,000  per year and with rising costs, we need to raise an additional £420 every month.

Then we have the ongoing cost of repairing and maintaining a Grade1 listed building which as you know from the roof repair fundraising is a challenge for a smaller community.

St Buryan Church is for the whole community; it is funded mainly from the regular giving of the congregation, supplemented by donations from visitors and various fundraising events. However, we do have to face the reality that the Church needs your help to get on a secure financial footing which is why we are writing to you. Ideally we are asking for your help through regular giving so that a regular source of income can assure that church finances are able to meet these costs.

Gift Aid legislation means that if as a taxpayer you gift aid your donation the church is able to claim an additional tax back from the  government at no cost to you.  If you are not a regular supporter we would ask you to consider giving in this way to St Buryan as a charity of your choice on a monthly basis.

Details of how to do this are available from the Giving Secretary (contact details at the head of this letter) who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the church’s financial situation and how you can help. All correspondence and discussions will, of course, remain confidential.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Derek, Paddy, Caroline, Sheila, Ian and Vanda
Churchwardens, Treasurer and The Rector
On behalf of the PCC, Ministers and the Church Community of St Buryan Church